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Saturday, April 23, 2022

Ticked Off At Tiki Opening

UPDATE: Tiki Bar Traffic - Public Safety Announcement - The BayNet

Any mention of the Tiki Bar opening (above) always brings up the bad memory for me of when I got in trouble for hosting Governor Larry Hogan at Buzzy's Country Store.  Here is why.

In February of 2016, Gov. Hogan visited the County to announce a number of funding issues and projects that had passed under his watch.  One of these issues was funding for the road below Buzzy's from Trossbach's to Pt. Lookout (click here for 2016 Buzzyblog post on this.  Note that the photos showing Steve O'neil, John Wayne, Judy and my Mom, all of whom are no longer with us, made me pause and reminisce about them for a minute or so.  It didn't do much to improve my already pissy mood.)   

While the Governor's visit and event went very well that Saturday, the Monday following his visit, two enforcement folks from the County's Alcohol Board came into Buzzy's to inform me that I had violated  drinking outside regulations and laws.  They said that they weren't going to cite me for allowing drinking in the parking lot because they knew that I had had a crowd there, and that with the Governor on hand, it was tough for me to control folks drinking out in the parking lot.  

I breathed a sigh of relief knowing that drinking in the parking lot was a no-no and began thinking "Good, I'm not in any trouble here."  Wrong.  The enforcement bubbas went on to inform me, that they were going to cite me for allowing folks to drink on the porch.  When I asked why, they told me that I lacked an Extension of Premise authorization allowing folks to drink outside.  

After I told them that I thought that the extension had been grandfathered in, they informed me that it had to be approved and that Buzzy's liquor license had to contain an E on it showing that it was ok for folks to drink on the porch.  They then instructed me to initiate the extension process and that folks could not drink on the porch until I had obtained that approval.

Long story short, I had to appear before the Liquor Board to get the approval and everything turned out ok.  The E is on my license and folks can now legally drink on the Buzzy porch just as they have been doing since Jesus was a sailor.  (Have no clue where that Jesus/sailor saying came from, but it seemed appropriate to use it here.) 

Thus, Buzzy's is in full compliance with all outside drinking rules including the required signage posted telling folks that they can not drink in the parking lot.  

That said however, it is still an impossible thing to enforce.  For example, when say someone pulls up at Buzzy's to show off their new car and folks gather around with beers in hand to check it out,  I am supposed to go out there and tell them they can't leave the porch and do that?!  Ah, yeah.  (Too, this is another reason that I pulled the plug on the Buzzy Car Show as too many folks were wandering around with beers and drinks in hand.  I knew that it was just a matter of time before that became an issue.  It took me back to the rooms and AA Rule Number 1 - I knew I had  a problem.   

So when the Tiki Bar has its annual opening, it always hits a sore spot with me wrt to how the outside drinking laws are or are not enforced in Solomons Island during that event.  Back in the day, when the Tiki Bar party commenced, folks wandered around everywhere with drinks in hand.  For example, this photo is from a 2010 video of the Tiki Bar opening  (click here) 

3 Beers?

Through the years, the Calvert County powers-that-be have tightened up some on where drinking is or isn't allowed during the Tiki Bar partying weekend.  However, it's still very, let's say "relaxed" compared to how rigidly enforced the regs are in other areas.

Here's some music for you from that 2010 Tiki Bar opening featured a band named One Louder nailing this AC/DC tune:

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