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Friday, January 14, 2022

Nixon Was a Redskins' Fan

 WFT to announce their new name on 2/2/22.  Some of the DC sports talk bubbas have mentioned The Hogs because that is Ground Hog Day.  Others say The Commanders.  Made me go back in Redskins' history to this day:

Miami Dolphins win Super Bowl VII to cap NFL's only perfect season - HISTORY

Following their perfect season, the Dolphins were not invited to the White House.  It was said to have been a deliberate snub by then President Richard Nixon who was a big Redskins' fan.  

However, 40 years later the Dolphins finally made it to the White House in 2013 thanks to President Obama.  Even that was a back-handed-compliment in a way, because Obama had invited the 85 Bears to the White House before the Dolphins and had called them (the Bears) the greatest team ever.  Once he was informed of his mis-speaking, Obama made amends by inviting the Dolphins and admitted his error.

1972 Miami Dolphins season - Wikipedia
No music today but how about a look at that Yepremian screw up:

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