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Saturday, December 4, 2021

Slap Yourself

 A local business has been closed a couple of days this week due to a Covid attack.  It serves as a good reminder that we are not done with this mess yet.  On that note, I have recently heard from a couple of my Buzzy's Country Store visitors who apologized to me for not having dropped into the Store like they used to.  These folks explained their Buzzy absences by saying "A lot of your Buzzy people scare me because they still don't think that Covid is a real concern."  My response to these folks is to agree with them and say "How do you think I feel being in there every day with these Einsteins who believe that they are smarter than all of the scientific evidence?"  The following video encapsulates exactly how I feel about the whole vax vs. anti-vax crapola:


I have debated implementing a policy of asking to see vax cards before folks can come into Buzzy's but have held off so far.  However, the first Buzzy's-related  Covid case that pops up, I will close down immediately as I did last year when several of my Buzzy folks got hit with the Covid.

As for all you anti-vaxers here's the deal - if I learn somewhere along the way that any Covid-related Buzzy outbreak came from someone who wasn't vaccinated, I will then ban that person from coming into Buzzy's in the future.  I know, you're asking how I will ever be able to verify that it was an anti-vaxer who spread it?  To that I say "Buzzy's ain't no courtroom" and if I even think that you caused the outbreak then your unvaxed butt is out.   

Bottom line, after dealing with this mess for close to 2 years now, we've come too far to have it kick us in the ass and take someone we know and love out of here.  Please get the shot or take a break from coming into Buzzy's for awhile.  Notice that I am not mentioning the whole wear-a-mask- business as an option.  Just get the shot.

Ray (as played by Jamie) seems to be in order here: 

Note that Jamie Fox very deservedly won an Academy Award for Best Actor. Regina King should have won something too.

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