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Sunday, December 19, 2021

If You Were on a Desert Isle Would You Want Any Christmas Music?

Brian Barnhill and I often talk about desert island albums - those 5 or so that you would like to have with you if stranded on an island for an extended period of time.  It's a fun little exercise because it makes you think seriously about the music you wouldn't mind hearing over and over.  (Sort of like XM's Channel 26 Classic Rock.)  

Aside from wanting a spoken word album "How To Live Off Eating Sand" I would aim to have something from the Beatles, the Stones, Bob, Elvis (as in Costello) and Bonnie.  

Then again, Nick Lowe has an excellent 4 album box set compilation The Doings that should it count as just 1 album, I would only be semi-cheating were I to slide that "one" in there somewhere too.    

All that said however, this following Christmas tune from Nick is not on that compilation album; but it is worth a listen to even if it is not on The Doings:

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