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Saturday, December 11, 2021

Go Fund Me for Pat Guy

I received a call from Mike Guy yesterday telling me about a Go Fund Me effort for his brother Pat.  He asked me to pass it along to all Pat's Buzzy friends at the Store.  (To access the Go Fund Me site that Mike has set up  (click here.)  This is what Mike sent me:

Hi, my name is Michael Guy, I am fundraising for my brother Pat who was recently hit with a bit of bad luck.
On the day after Thanksgiving, his van was stolen. It had all his work tools and some important personal items in it too. His daughter was visiting from Florida and he had parked his truck in front of her friend's home and during the night someone stole it. Pat is pictured on the right. He is a 70 year old man who has been self employed for 50 years as a tile mason. He, like many people, works enough to pay his bills but has no savings for retirement nor any other emergency. He lives modestly and has many friends who help him get work. Many of us have been blessed with careers that allow us to retire with dignity but my brother needs to work to continue to exist. Various health concerns are now in play but he will "work until he cannot".
Pat is blessed with many friends and he has helped many people along the way so we hope some of them will see this request and help our brother with a small gift.
His truck was full of his tools, prescription glasses, many personal items and a briefcase of medical records too. Unfortunately, his insurance company helped him afford his truck insurance by having him cancel the comprehensive coverage - so there's no insurance money for replacement costs.
Pat is a generous and happy person who, if you met him, would become your friend too. His bad luck is this community's opportunity to help one of its own. Please consider making a small contribution to help Pat get back in business.
We estimate a budget of $15,000 as follows:
New used van $9,000
Tools $5,500
Prescription glasses $250
Inspection and title $250

Thanks for considering helping Pat get back to work.

Merry Christmas!
The Guys
Note that if you are an old fart like me and are still wary of using things like Go Fund Me, there will be an old fashioned Buzzy Collection Jar for Pat on the counter in the Store for you to donate any amount you can spare.  This is the season for giving, and Pat's cause is one that is well worthwhile.  Having your vehicle stolen is bad enough, but losing all the tools of your trade (and in Pat's case make that "trades") is really bad.  Please give what you can.
Wonder if the Stingster was anywhere around Great Mills that night Pat's ride disappeared.

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