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Friday, December 24, 2021

Christmas Eve - A Holy, Maybe Even Funny, Night Indeed!

 It goes down tonight.  This card that Larry Yeatman sent my way sums it all up: 

Shouldn't The Title Be "Hey Joe, Where You Gonna Go?"
Then there is that fat dude also showing up tonight.  This photo is of my Daughter-in-law Caitie's and son Brady's house:

Talking Jesus vs. Santa, there was this meme that I hope doesn't offend any of you too-politically-uptight folks:

And to all you parents with little ones, get a good night's rest tonight because you're gonna need it tomorrow.

And speaking of Santa as in Carlos Santana, check this out from him:
Thanks to Bob Mann we'll be serving up some egg nog later on in Buzzy's Country Store to make your Christmas Eve even merrier so drop by.  (Just wanted to work that "Eve even" line in here somewhere.)

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