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Thursday, December 2, 2021


Yesterday, when the following popped up on the screen of my PC out of nowhere, initially I was a little sad, unsure and maybe even a little peeved about receiving a notice like this:

However, later on, as I made my FB rounds, there were several more mentions and photos of him that made me smile thinking of him and his family.  

For example, his wife Gina posted these:

Then there 
was this from son Arturo's FB page:
(1) Arturo Sanchez | Facebook

His sister Mary Leslie posted this:
Bart's cousin LG Raley (standing to Bart's right in the photo below) was at Buzzy's Country Store the other day.  He mentioned this photo of everyone taken at a family reunion held at Bart's place several years ago.  Mary Leslie has it as her profile photo:

(Note that three who are no longer with us, Bart, Clark and John Wayne are all standing side by side.)

So I'll give the Facebook folks a pass on their automated notice of Bart's birthday because seeing all these comments and pleasant memories more than made up for it.  

I don't mess much with FB, but if I were to do so I would have included this photo of Bart at Buzzy's following his and Gina's trip to Peru.  He presented me with a souvenir that he picked up there.  The souvenir is still on the shelf in Buzzy's even if Bart is gone.  While I do like and appreciate the souvenir, I sure wish it were the other way around.

I was thinking about playing a sad song for you, but want to leave on a feel good note.  How about then Elton's upbeat-not-so-sad song about sad songs?  Pretty clever how he and lyricist Bernie Taupin managed to pull that one off.

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