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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Twofer Tuesday - Clint Crooning

To get my motor running for the Buzzy Car Show, I re-watched Clint's Gran Torino last week.   I had watched it many years ago, but did not catch the credits at the movie's end where Clint sings the theme song. 

Wanting to hear it again, I went looking for the Clint-and-end-credits' version on Youtube, but could not track it down.  I did manage however, to find him singing on the following video that contains some nice fall photos:

But this was not Clint's first time singing in a movie.  I discovered that he has done so a couple other times (click here.)  Following is from Paint Your Wagon Yellow where Clint sings about Talking to the Trees.   (I think I know just how he feels because sometimes in Buzzy's I get that same feeling!) 
Note: I still have several car show photos to pass along and will do so later.

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