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Sunday, October 3, 2021

Sports Flashbacks

 Another nice thing about being a sports fan is that it is like the gift that keeps on giving.  By that I mean, you can re-live fun moments of your life whenever a current sports event takes you back or reminds you of a game you attended or experienced previously.  I had a couple such moments just yesterday.  

The Ravens are playing the Broncos later today prompting my Brady (as opposed to that other Brady fella playing up in Boston tonite) to text the following to Shea, Shawn and me: 

Back then I did a post here on the Buzzyblog about us attending that game (click here) and included these photos:

My 88 Jersey in Honor of Dennis Pitta Who Broke His Hip Twice When a Raven

The second and third sports-related flashbacks came about when I read that the Steelers are playing the Packers today and that the Packers haven't beaten them since Rodgers beat Ben in the 2011 Super Bowl.  (They have played twice since then and the Steelers have won both games.)

I recall watching that Super Bowl 45 in a hotel room near Dulles Airport because Pam and I were staying there and leaving on a trip early the next morning.  Ironically, while I can clearly remember the game and the Packers winning it,  I can't recall what trip it was or where Pam and I were flying out to the next morning.

However, it did bring up another great memory for me and that was my Buzzy Super Bowl Party that turned out to be my surprise 60th birthday party.  Here is the blogpost I did back then explaining all that (click here) and the following excerpt from it:

As stated, it was supposed to have been a Packers/Steelers Super Bowl Party but turned out to be a party for me.   Here is the flyer that I had made up for the SB Party:
All great memories and all involving family, friends, sports and a little travelling.  Throw in some music and and you got my whole act.

And speaking of music and memories, check out this 80's video from 38 Special.  Mike Raley and I saw these guys at Wolf Trap a few years ago and I was surprised at just how good they were live and how much great music they had produced back in the day,  Here is a lesser known song of theirs but you'll see why I like it.  Hey, it's only rock n roll right?  

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