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Friday, October 8, 2021

Charlie - 95 Years Young!

Happy Birthday!

Birthday wishes to Charlie Simms who turns 95 today.  Through the years here on the Buzzyblog, I have done several posts on what a remarkable person Charlie is and what a great life he has lived and continues to live.  (For a review of those items that I've posted here on the blog (click here.)  

It did make me wonder about the number of folks who are living into their 90's.  Turns out that the percentage of 90 year olds has tripled in the last 20 years (click here.)   Among those numbers are several famous 95 year olds  still around and still getting it done e.g. that Queen Bee Babe over in London (click here for a listing of famous 95 year olds.)    

One of those famous 95 year olds, Tony Bennett, was recently featured on 60 minutes where they discussed his battle with Alzheimer's.  Note how at the 4:45 mark, when the music starts to play, Tony steps it up. 

Maybe at his birthday get together later today at Buzzy's, we can talk Charlie into singing a song for us.  I'm betting he could do so and would even give Tony a run for his money.

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