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Friday, September 24, 2021

Um, Puzzle Me This

My Mom used to enjoy doing the Washington Post crossword puzzle.  I would attempt to do it too but usually would give up about halfway thru out of frustration because I couldn't figure it out.  I would later ask Mom about it because I knew that she had solved it.  

Now remember, all this was back in the good old days when both Mom and I received a hard copy of the newspaper.  Today, I work the puzzle on line where they feature a Reveal Button that allows me to cheat and look up the answer(s.)  (The Washington Post has a paywall, but they use the LA Times puzzle which is available online for free if you want to check it out (click here.))

The Friday puzzle is generally a little harder to do than the previous ones in the week.  Monday's is the easiest and I can vouch for that because it is the only one of the week where I don't have to cheat to solve it.  

However, today, I cheated and I cheated a lot by hitting the Reveal Button several times.  But guess what?  Even after I had completed the puzzle, I still could not decipher what the hell the main theme i.e. the 4 big answers/clues were talking about.  Here they are:

As with alot of these puzzles, the 4th main clue refers back to the other three and solves the overall puzzle theme.  Here was this puzzle's 4th clue:
Assuming that you didn't bother going to the LA Times site to solve the puzzle for yourself, here then are the hi-lited answers to these 4 clues.
Get it?  Well, neither did I.  Unfortunately there was no Reveal Button to explain what it all meant.  

Semi-ticked off, and with no Mom around for her to explain it to me, I had another cup of coffee and dug in to figure it out.  Well, I eventually did.  (Won't tell you how long it took me to do so but I did finally figure it out.)

Needless to say I miss having Mom here to share and discuss all of this because I know that she would have figured it out immediately.

OK, since the White Album was mentioned, how's about John's song on it to his Mom?  She died in a car accident when he was 17 years old.  Wonder if she ever helped him out on doing crossword puzzles.

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