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Wednesday, July 7, 2021


Photo-wise I mostly take and prefer to have people in my shots.  That said however, I do appreciate and admire a great nature photo shot when I see one.  

Here are some photos taken by family and friends of mine that caught my eye.  They reminded me of something once said that the mark of a great photo is that it looks like a painting and that the mark of a great painting is that it looks more like a photo - think about it. 

Another sign of a great photo is that it will draw you in and make you want to spend time looking at it.  All of these do just that for me.  Enjoy.  

Ocean City Boardwalk, N.J. - Brady Ridgell

Chesapeake Bay Moon - John Carbone

Welcome to My Garden 
(See next photo)
 Steve Raley 

Big Bear Lake, Ca. - Reagan Ridgell

Pier 450 - Paul Haynes

Tiger Lily - Kim Wiley

Skaket Beach Oyster Farm, Cape Cod - Ninan Chacko

Sunset on the St. Mary's River - Rich Brewer (Still Missing That Guy)

P.S.  As noted here in this FB posting from his daughter Kaylyn, there will be a celebration in memory of Rich this coming Saturday at 2 o'clock at the College.

Music-wise how about this Ringo tune that he and George co-wrote? Funny how you always hear about all the Beatles' songs written by Lennon and McCartney but this is the only song ever credited to Starkey and Harrison.  Great song that makes me feel happy and sad when I listen to it.  A little like I feel when looking at a Rich Brewer photo.

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