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Friday, June 25, 2021

Keepin' It Local (Tennison's Store)

Awhile back Pete Himmelheber wrote an article for the St. Mary's Historical Society Chronicles about the old country stores in Morganza.  Seems that there was a store on just about every corner in Morganza.  (Hence, the name for Busy Corner Road.)  The title of Pete's article was "Morganza Mall."  (And yes, this is another plug for you to join the Historical Society so you can read articles such as Pete's.)

Today at the corner of Rt. 5 and Colton's Point Road stands the lone survivor of these stores and it currently is vacant.  My buddy Billy "Mr. Lister" Fitzgerald tells me that the building has recently been purchased so maybe a business will be re-opening there soon.

Going thru the Enterprise archives there was this 2010 article by Jason Babcock where he discussed the building's ownership and history to include this excerpt (click here.  

In 2001, the Morganza Post Office was relocated out of the building  and in 2008 Mike Aloisio purchased the building.  Despite some back and forth with the Planning and Zoning folks, Mike eventually managed to re-open the business in 2012 and called it Keepin' It Local.  The following is from another Enterprise article on the business (click here.)  

Keepin' It Local offered a little bit of everything and as their name states, their emphasis was on local items for sale.  If you scroll through their FB page (click here) you'll see the variety of goods and products that Keepin' It Local  offered.   Mike and his long time girlfriend Debbie Webb operated the business thru the end of 2019 before they closed shop and put the property up for sale.    

Music-wise here's a nice video and tune for you with the title Gift Shop.  

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