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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Two Mr. Boston's / Two Very Different Messages

Today's Twofer Tuesday features some photos of two Mr. Boston Deluxe Official Bartender's Guides that I recently found on a shelf in Buzzy's Country Store.  

One copy was his and one belonged to me.  While his copy was older and a little more used than mine, both were the same edition and were published the same year.   

Thru the years I have consulted these guides several times for drink recipes.  However, I have never bothered to check out the flyleaves at the beginning of them.  

Thus, when I thumbed thru the first couple of pages of each edition, I was surprised to find that each of them contained a message.  This one was written in my copy:   

Aileen was my first civilian boss on Base and while I remember her very well, I can't recall why or when she gave me this as a present.  The only explanation I can come up with is that my 25th birthday went down a few days after 6 Feb 76, so I'm thinking that Aileen and her husband Fred must have given it to me as a birthday present.  

On the other hand, Buzzy's inscription in his copy of the Guide indicates that his was a Christmas present to my Mom.  Knowing Buzzy, I'm betting this was his version of a "twofer" in that he probably wanted a copy of the Guide and figured he could buy it and pass it off as a Christmas present to his wife.  

With his instructions written as such (below)  note how Buzzy even underlined the word "serve" in red.  It is fairly easy to see then just how and why this book ended up in his possession pile during their divorce.

To learn more about how the Mr. Boston Guide came to be THE Bartenders' Bible for mixing drinks (click here.)  Also, here is this bartender tune for you to listen to as you read about the history of the Guide. 

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