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Sunday, May 2, 2021

Baseball One Month In

Herbie McKay reminded me the other day that I had not yet done anything on baseball this season so here goes.

First off, it's like having a long lost friend come back into your life.  Someone you used to know and enjoyed spending time with has suddenly popped back up and you're enjoying getting to know him/her all over again.  For me baseball is just that friend.  

So even if during this first month of April the O's and the Nationals didn't win a single game and played like crap, I wouldn't have really cared.  The mere fact that they are now back on the field and competing is good enough for me.  Like a lot of other things that were Covid-impacted where you didn't know how much you enjoyed something until you couldn't,  Covid's biggest lesson learned may well be that we don't take anything, or anyone for that matter, for granted anymore.

That said though, a funny thing has happened this April:  all things considered, the O's and Nationals have come out the gate pretty well.  The Nats, who started terribly with a quarantine mess that delayed and screwed up their start of the season, began 1 and 5.  

But as we well know, the Nationals can and do handle adversity pretty well.  They somehow managed to negotiate a number of injuries and slow starts from key players and are now tied for first place in the NL East just one game under .500.  The NL East Division that the Nats are in looks to be a crazy one this season with all 5 teams currently under .500 and the last place Marlins only 1.5 games back.  

But I like the Nationals chances to win such a crazy division just because their pitching is so good.  They are currently on a 3 game win streak but go against the Marlines best pitcher today so we'll see if they can make it 4 games in a row and hit that .500 mark here in early May.

The Orioles too are on a 3 game streak and find themselves only one game below .500 which is great for them  They have been a fun team to watch even if there is a Jekyll and Hyde (their manager's name ironically enough) element about them from day to day.  And why they can't win at home, where they are 4-10 but do well on the road at 9-4 is also a little weird.     

Still, after last year's worst-team-in-baseball campaign, the O's, now close to .500, look pretty damn good!  They've swept two in a row this weekend from a tough A's team and go for the sweep today.  That alone is exciting enough for me here in the early month of May.  

Which brings me to an old baseball saying "April doesn't define you."  Granted, it doesn't, but still it gives you a glimpse of what you got.  My season prediction is that the Nats will be right where they need to be in the hunt for NL East title and that the O's will be much better and maybe even a whole lot better than they were last year.  We'll just have to see.  Ain't the beer cold?!    

Last Sunday at Buzzy's Country Store I had to get permission from Clyde to change the channel from "The Race" to see what the O's and Nationals were doing.  (It reinforced for me that the second T-V in Buzzy's needs to be back up and running.)  Since "The Race" today doesn't start til 3, I can keep tabs on the Nationals and their early 1:00 start time.  The O's out in Oakland don't get underway until 4 so I'll have to ask Clyde again if it's ok to check on them during "The Race."     

Speaking again of classic cars (even if I wasn't) we may have a couple of them in the Buzzy parking lot for you to check out.  Like Bob used to say "Come on down, the price is right."  (Price of beer that is and yes it is cold.)

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