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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Yes - Another Maryland Flag Post! (Get It?)

As I was toying with the idea of doing a follow up post to yesterday's about how proud we Marylanders are of our flag, it occurred to me "Geez, I think I've already done several such takes on our flag.  Maybe I'll be reinforcing and proving the anti-Marylander's complaint that we really are too overly obsessed with our flag."

However, after I consulted Blogger's search engine herein, I found that this will only be my 4th Maryland flag-related post here on the Buzzyblog.   With over 5,000 Buzzyblog posts in 13 years, only 4 on our flag doesn't seem too obsessive does it?  

The first Buzzyblog Maryland flag post was in 2011 (click here) and had to do with how the flag ended up flying at the end of my pier as shown above.  (To save you from clicking and going to that link, it had to do with me keeping up with my neighbor Jim who flew his Virginia flag from his pier down river from mine.)   

My second Maryland flag-post was in January of last year.  I must confess that this post did tend to confirm that maybe we are a bit obsessive about our flag.  In the post, I noted how the souvenir industry has latched onto putting the Maryland flag on just about everything that they could find:

My third Buzzyblog post hit in June of last year when Caitie and Brady gave me a Father's Day present of a new flag for the pier.  (Note the addition of a flag pole to better display that bad ass flag:)
Musically, Maryland's legislature just deep sixed our Maryland My Maryland state song which has been around since 1935.  Back then a Democratically controlled State Congress approved the tune only for then Governor Harry Nice (yep the bridge fella) to veto it.  Harry was a Republican and objected to the song because it was a Confederate Call to Arms and had negative things to say about President Lincoln and Northerners.  However, after Harry left office in 1936 the next Governor approved the song and it has been our State song since then.  

Fast forward to today and now it's the Dems who have ditched the song and a Republican Governor Hogan who has signed off on doing so.  As Mark Twain observed - history doesn't repeat itself but it often rhymes.  The powers that be are now looking for a replacement song.  As this article suggests (click here) why don't we just adopt the Natty Boh theme?  After all, Maryland is crabs and beer right?

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