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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Two - Make That Three for Tuesday

Someone asked me about Mom's 3 nicknames Lovey, Happy and Nana inscribed on her tombstone.  Here's how that trio came to be there. 

Nicknames have always played a big role in both the Ridgell and Raley families. On the Ridgell side, Miss Hattie was Miss Hattie not only to all her family members but pretty much to everyone else who knew her.  Several of her sons also had nicknames such as Manny, Cotton, Tinkie, and of course Buzzy who initially started off as Bussy. 

On the Raley side of the family, several of the women had nicknames such as Sweet Momma, Mom, Sissy, Dear Dear and Peaches. My Mom managed to escape all of the nicknamery other than being called Jean.  (Her given name was Eugenia after her Grandmother whom we all called Mom.)  Confusing?  Yeah somewhat, but I reference all this to help explain why my Mom couldn't have just been Grandma and let it go at that when her grand babies began showing up.  

Mom's first grand child was my daughter Ryan.  The subject came up as to what Mom's Grandmom name should be.  (Buzzy short circuited all of this discussion by saying that he wanted only to be called Granddad and that was it.)  Mom, on the other hand liked the idea of a special name and left it up to my sisters Donna Jean and Lila and my then wife to come up with a nickname for the grandchildren to call her.  

I remember the ex coming home from a meeting with my sisters to tell me that they had decided upon Lovey as Mom's Grandmom name.  I didn't particularly care for it but since Mom had signed off on it thus Lovey it was. Following Ryan's lead then my next 3 kiddo's would also refer to their Grandmother as Lovey. 

Enter the second Grandchild Todd who was born to my sister Donna Jean and her husband Jerry Taylor awhile after Ryan. Somewhere along the line, Todd associated Mom with Happy Birthday and thus began calling her Happy.  Hence, Happy was what the Taylor grandkids Todd, Katie and Steven all called Mom.  

When my sister Lila and husband Danny had Regi, they elected to call Mom Nana.  Thus, the Hofmeisters Regi, Michael, Jeannie, Amy and J.C. called her Nana.

As for these names ending up on her tombstone, my guess is that once Buzzy selected his three inscriptions of Merchant, Politician and Air Force Pilot to be inscribed on his, Mom chose her 3 nicknames from her Grandkids to be placed on hers'.  Note that Buzzy's 3 inscriptions were personal and professional, while Mom's 3 were family-oriented. 

And speaking of nicknames, if I mentioned McKinley Morganfield to you, I'm betting you would have no idea whom I was talking about.  Conversely, the Rolling Stones would know exactly who he was because they took their name from one of his songs (click here.)  Here they are performing with him:

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