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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Thank You Dee!

Speaking of holiday traditions (yesterday's  post)  I am pleased to announce that a nice little Buzzy's Country Store tradition has notched another year.  This despite my fears that it had gone the way of other no-longer-traditions.  

For several years now Dee Duffy has given Buzzy's a Christmas present in the form of Jeff Foxworthy's You Might Be a Redneck Calendar which I display on the counter year round.  But this past Christmas season Dee did not make it in with her annual present.  In her defense however, remember that Buzzy's was closed from 21 December to mid-February so I didn't exactly make it easy for her to convey the annual present.  Still, I had more than a couple folks ask me where the Redneck Calendar was this year.

I felt a little concern as to how Dee is doing and too I felt bad for not letting her know just how much I enjoyed and now missed the calendar.  I chalked it off to another of those you-don't-know-what-you-got-til-you-don't-have-it- anymore-lessons-of-life.      

But just when I had concluded that Jeff and Dee had written Buzzy's off, I rolled into the Store the other day, and was very happy to find the following on the counter with this note:

Despite the wrapping paper, I knew immediately that Jeff was back in Buzzys for his return daily performances and consultations.
Sample follows:

As I look more closely at the above sample, I now realize that I should have probably cropped the Big Mama's out of this photo.  However, since it is Twofer Tuesday, here are two Mama's for you to gaze upon.  (Note that you might be a redneck if you're thinking something dirty right now!) 

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