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Saturday, April 10, 2021

Moving Cooler Into Buzzy's

Thank you Eric Brotherton for catching this excitement yesterday afternoon at Buzzy's Country Store:

Condensed version of how all this came about is - someone me gave me this cooler and video shows it being moved into Buzzy's.  I will save boring you with the details as to how all this eventuated.  Let's just say it was a team effort.  

But big thanks to my sister Lila for her efforts in making this happen.  Thank you also to Bobby Wright and David Norris for transporting it to and around (literally) the Store.  And thank you to all the folks you see in the video who helped honcho that bad boy into the Store.   Hopefully, I'll have it tuned up and running and ready to chill some drinks for you very soon.  

I'll leave you with a so-so cooler joke.  (Don't say I didn't warn you.)  In recognition of the excellent Ken Burns' Hemingway series, I'll call this "The Old Man and the Cooler."

A young man walks into a convenience store, opens up the beer cooler and grabs a six pack.  An old man standing next to him gives him a look, and the young man says "How much you wanna bet they'll sell me this beer even though I'm not twenty-one?" 

The old man says "They even check MY ID here. Ten bucks."

"You're on," says the young man as he walks up to the cashier. Much to the old man's dismay, the young man shows his ID and pays for the beer.

"How? How did they sell you that if you're not twenty-one?" The old man asks.

The young man puts out his hand and says "That's easy, I'm twenty-two."

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