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Sunday, April 11, 2021

I Couldn't Go Bacon You Even if I Fried

Sunday mornings I cook breakfast.  Nothing too involved mind you, just some bacon and eggs.  Thus, when I saw a Washington Post article on the best way to cook bacon, my first thought was "Are you kidding?  Who doesn't know how to cook bacon!?  You just toss it in a frying pan and let it sizzle."

Well, in another proof of that saying "it's-what-you-learn-after-you-know-it-all-that-counts," I discovered that baking bacon vs. frying it makes much more sense (click here.)  

I just tried it out and verified that it is easier and far less greasy than messing with the old frying pan.  Does make me wonder however - how does Kevin cook his?

I got the "new" cooler up and running yesterday so swing by Buzzy's and check it out. Won't be selling any bacon from it anytime soon but may throw a dozen or two eggs in there for the campers and tourists.

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