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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

How About Calling It Hippie Lettuce?

The Cannabis Industry Would Like You To Stop Using These Pot Slang Words | HuffPost
As a follow up to yesterday's National Pot Day, have you caught the "M" word controversy?  "Marijuana"  is a now deemed a racist word and not to be used (click here.)   (Does this mean that the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) is gonna have to change its name?)  Certain folks in the pot industry also don't particularly care for pot being called "weed." 

It would seem to me that what they should be objecting to is calling it "pot" a reference that has absolutely nothing to do with a kitchen implement.  The word pot comes from the Spanish word potaguaya as in potacion de guaya or literally "drink of grief" (click here.)   Think I'd be trying to get away from the drink of grief association.  Now as for calling it hippie lettuce.....

These two guys, who happen to be brothers and are from Deale, Maryland, were just featured on the T-V show Sunday Morning (click here to view that interview which contains a surprise or two about them.)  Following is a video of them performing at the ACM awards show Sunday night where they were nominated, but did not win, for Best Duo.

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