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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Earth Day and Planting By the Moon

Why Do We Garden By The Moon? Farmers' Almanac (farmersalmanac.com)

With today being Earth Day, let's talk a little about a subject that comes up quite frequently in Buzzy's Country Store during the month of April - when to plant what in your garden.  

Actually, these conversations also occur in March as folks get ready to get ready for the planting season.  However, it is in April that the Buzzy gardening talk really sprouts up.  (I know, bad pun.)

But unlike some of the other "philosophical" conversations in Buzzy's such as the current guns and policemen to and fro, I actually enjoy hearing all of the tales told about the best times to plant which plants.  I am not and have never been much of a gardener, even back during my half-assed attempts at growing pot.   So for me, the gardening talk in Buzzy's is very educational.    

I have noted though, that when these conversations do crop up (sorry again) invariably,  the moon and its 4 phases will be mentioned.   Seems that the phrase "first full moon after Easter" gets said a lot.  I also overhear people say things like "My Grandpappy always said "Good seeds, good potatoes, Good Friday."  (And since the whole Easter shindig is based upon the moon too that makes sense.)

As for how and why it is that the moon derives all this gardening power and notoriety, I found this Farmers Almanac explanation  (click here.)  However, if you don't feel like reading this explanation, just drop into Buzzy's some afternoon and you can get your gardening lesson of the day.  I promise you, you will be entertained when you do so.   

The Google Doodle folks were pretty clever today with their animated offering showing folks planting small saplings that grow up to become big trees.  Should this inspire you to do likewise, here is a "bright" idea for you - wait until this Saturday when it's a Full Moon!  (Three bad puns in one post may just be a Buzzyblog record here today!)

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