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Saturday, April 24, 2021

Chesapeake Week and Ruke's

If you didn't get a chance to see MPT's re-broadcast of their 2014 Secrets of the Chesapeake last night, you can catch the hour long documentary here (click here.)  (As part of MPT's Chesapeake Week celebration they have been broadcasting several shows featuring the Bay and have several more set for today/tonight if you are interested  (see schedule here.))  Pt. Lookout is discussed at length beginning at the 11:35 minute mark.

However, as I watched and enjoyed the video, it was seeing a discussion of Ruke's Store on Smith Island at the 33:00 minute mark that caught my attention.  The video shows folks gathered at the Ruke's Store/Restaurant  and being hosted by Charlotte Dize. 
It reminded me that I had done a blogpost here on Rukes' closing in 2015 (click here.)  As noted in the following article about the closing, Charlotte and her husband Rukie Dize had owned and operated the store for a number of years before their son and daughter took it over (click here.)  

I tried finding out what Charlotte and Rukie are up to now and found Rukie's obituary.  He passed away in October of 2015 (click here.)  Don't know about Charlotte and as best I could tell the store is still closed.  This was their last FB entry:
Why does all this make me sad?  Maybe I should quit watching MPT!  The following tune came to mind:

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