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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Book Titles

The other day I did a post on John Boehner's memoir titled On the House.  It got me wondering about other double entendre book titles.  Here are a couple that caught my eye (Cybill's more so than the others!) 

But maybe the best one of them all was from Ron Jeremy, the King of Porn stars.  Ron was well known for his ah, huge "talent."

As for a double entendre Buzzy's Country Store book title, how about something like these:  

In Store for You - Buzzy's Memoir

Buzzy's - A Low Bar

Behind the Count-er

Buzzy's Country Store - A Place With Character(s)

Pay Me! (Ok, so this one is not exactly a double entendre; but it was his catch phrase so I had to suggest it.)
I wasn't aware that Ron Jeremy also had some musical talent.  Check him out at the 1:00 mark in this very "cheeky" video:

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