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Friday, March 5, 2021

Things to Do - Something to Listen To

Events around the County are slowly starting to re-appear particularly in Leonardtown (click here for additional info.)   

In South County, on Sunday March 14th the KoC has a take out chicken dinner.  It starts at 1130 and lasts until they run out which they usually do, so go early.  Swing by Buzzy's Country Store either before or after you get your dinner.

Thanks to Brian Barnhill for tuning in the Lithium channel featuring the Tom Morello show, I heard this catchy little blues tune here from Ike Reilly.  Ike tells a funny and great story that has a somewhat serious edge to it.  He saves his best line for the last line (4:00 mark) "When your dreams get stole, you got to steal 'em back."  
In case you are wondering, the Bayeux Tapestry (photo above) has absolutely nothing to do with the events nor the song here. I just liked the picture and story behind it and wanted to pass it along.

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