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Sunday, March 14, 2021

Praying Little Johnny Style

I know, as soon as you read Little Johnny, you are now expecting something dirty and trashy here right?  However, read on for what may well be the cleanest and nicest Little Johnny joke ever told:

Little Johnny and Billy are on their way to Church for Sunday prayer when Billy wonders if they can smoke while they are praying.  Little Johnny suggests that Billy ask the priest about it.  Billy then finds the priest and asks him "Father, can I smoke while I pray?"  The priest immediately replies "No my son you can not.  It would be very disrespectful."

Billy goes back and tells Little Johnny what the priest said.  Little Johnny tells Billy "Let me try."  So Little Johnny goes up to the priest and asks "Father, may I pray while I smoke?"  The priest replies very eagerly "Why, of course you can my son.  You can always pray whenever you want to."

Little Johnny reports back to Billy and says "See? You asked the wrong question.  The approval you want, depends on the way you ask for it."

Ok, no profanities nor crudities, so it's not a true blue Little Johnny joke.    But just so you aren't left feeling disappointed here is a second, more realistic Little Johnny prayer joke:  

At a dinner party with their family and friends, Little Johnny's dad asked Johnny to say the prayer before they ate.  Johnny told his dad "I don't know how to pray."  His father said "Sure you do.  Just pray for your family, our friends, our neighbors, poor people etc."  Little Johnny said okay and recited the following: 

"Dear Lord, thank you for our guests and their children who ate all the cookies and ice cream before I could get any.  Bless them so they won't come again.  Forgive our neighbor's son who removed all my sister's clothes and wrestled with her on the bed.  Please send some clothes for all those poor women on the corner that my Dad likes to hang out with.  And, please provide shelter for the homeless man who uses Mom's room when Dad is at work.  Amen."  Dinner was cancelled.

Santo and Johnny had a big hit with their great instrumental Sleep Walk (click here if it doesn't ring a bell for you.  Click on the link to it and listen to Dick Clark explain how the 2 brothers couldn't sleep and wrote the tune at 2 am.)  This following tune from them is more aligned with the Sunday Prayer theme here and was on one of their later albums Love is Blue.  

I remember buying it in a $1 bin somewhere mostly because I liked the cover.  Who says sex doesn't sell?


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