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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Name Your Senators

For the Ides of March (15th of this month) I had initially  thought to do something Senate-related but couldn't come up with anything.  (Julius Caesar was killed by several Roman senators during a session of their Senate (click here.)  Although I had my concluding line "Talk about effective ways to end a filibuster!" that was all that I had.)

But then just the other day, I had a conversation with a couple from Florida in Buzzy's Country Store that made think that perhaps I should revisit my Senate blogpost plans.   

As I was talking with the couple, I asked them who their Senators to D.C. were.  They immediately cited Marco Rubio as one, but could not recall the other.  

After I told them that it was Rick Scott who was their Governor for 8 years, they seemed a little embarrassed and admitted that they should have known that.  I tried consoling them by telling them "Don't feel bad.  Whenever I ask folks that question most of the time they can't even name one of their senators much less two."

As I told them this, there was another lady at the counter who laughed and said, "Heck I'm from Maryland and can't even name our two Senators."  I told her that Marylanders were probably the worst at naming our senators because both of ours, Cardin and Van Hollen, are pretty much unknowns - even in Maryland.

Here's a related Senate quiz for you that I'm betting you only get half right if that: name the 2 Senators from the following States: Vermont, New York, Texas and South Carolina.  I'm betting that you can name the more famous one from these states but you will come up empty on naming the junior senator for each of them.  (Answers are here.)  However, before you hit that link, read on and save yourself a return trip to the link.  Four of our states have females serving as both their senators.  Can you name them?  Ok, now go to the link for the answers.  

Musically, I can't for the life of me explain just why the line "That voodoo stuff don't do nothing for me" popped into my head but it did just now.  Maybe it's because the wind just kinda pushed me this way, or maybe it's because I couldn't think of the name of who said it.

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