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Friday, March 26, 2021

Get Yer Cakes!

 And eat 'em too!

Do it today.  Order the perfect Good Friday dinner.  

And this is going down today also:

Granted Joe Cocker kicked some ass when he covered With a Little Help From My Friends; but what other cover of a Beatle' tune stands out?  Oh yeah (I'll tell you something) lots of folks have covered Yesterday and Frank himself did a passable job on Something in the Way She Moves, but for the most part, the Beatles catalogue is not that covered when you think about all the great music that they laid down. This article (click here) doesn't agree with me, but I'm standing by my contention that the Beatles were so good that any cover of their stuff could never measure up.

All that said however, Rev. Al's take on this Beatles' classic did make me stop and listen:

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