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Thursday, March 18, 2021

Friendly Tavern - Jessie Seymore

I have mentioned the Friendly Tavern a couple of times previously here on the Buzzyblog (click here.)  I featured my friends Lois and Bob Williams along with Lois' sister Roxanne and her husband Arthur Pilkerton who used to own and run Friendly Tavern up until 2010.  

However, I feel a little guilty here in that in none of my previous posts on Friendly Tavern did I ever mention Lois and Roxanne's mother Jessie and her ownership of the Tavern.  Of all people, I should have known about this overlooking-of-the-wife's-role-in-business, because my Mom would often mention how much she worked in Buzzy's in the early years and no one ever acknowledged nor seemed to be aware of it.  Thus, for not mentioning the mom/wife, I should have known better!    

However, I am very glad that Florence Ballengee took the time to interview and compose the following excellent County Times article on Jessie.  I apologize for the quality of my snip and paste efforts here as I tired to get rid of Devon and make the article bigger but couldn't do so.  If you have too much trouble reading it here, just click on the link to the County Times' website and scroll down to Page 14 where it is more legible and easier to read (click here.)  

And just because I said this above, musically here is what I think of as my ex-wife/divorce song as in how I felt when we first met, fell in love and got married.  (Those C, D and G chords you hear so clearly in the chorus (00:45) always make me smile because those were 3 of the cords that I could actually play on guitar!)

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