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Sunday, March 7, 2021

Elkhorn Tavern

Today in 1862 Union and Confederate troops fought the Battle of Elkhorn Tavern (also known as the Battle of Pea Ridge.)  The battle was fought around the Tavern which served as a hospital for injured soldiers.  

Prior to the battle, the Tavern, which is located in Benton County in the  northwestern corner of Arkansas, had served as a trading post, a post office, an eating establishment, a church and an inn.  After the battle, the Tavern was burned down in 1863 but rebuilt a few years later.  In 1959 it became part of the Pea Ridge National Military Park.

To learn more about the Battle of Elkhorn (click here for a video on it.)  I copied the following photo from the video at the 1:12 mark:

To learn more about the Tavern itself and its history (click here.

Music-wise, I found this nice tune about Elkhorn albeit it is more about the Battle than it is about the Tavern.

P.S.  A little south of the Elkhorn Tavern is the county seat of Bentonville. It was here that a fella named Sam Walton purchased the Harrison Variety Store in 1950. Sam remodeled the store and on March 18, 1951 reopened it as Walton's 5 and 10 Variety Store. I think you know the rest of the story as to what happened after that first Walton Store was very successful.  All of which leads me to conclude that it's too bad Sam didn't buy the Elkhorn Tavern and turn that into a conglomerate like Walmart.

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