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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Covid Update - Get Your Damn Shot!

In late December of last year, over 20 of my Buzzy friends in the Store tested positive for the virus causing me to immediately shut down.  I wasn't ordered to do so nor did I have to do so, but I just wanted to be on the safe side of things and closed for the next 2 months.    

Fortunately, the majority of my friends experienced only mild symptoms from their exposure to the virus.  One couple did note that they were laid up for a few days feeling badly; but everyone else did ok and, after their home isolation periods were mostly asymptomatic, they were soon back to their usual routines.  I say "mostly" asymptomatic because several of them did note that they are still experiencing some lack of smell and taste symptoms.   
These 20+ folks were advised that the antigens from their exposure to the virus would stay in their systems for approximately 90 days.  However, I have seen different timeframes on this and like a lot of things about this virus, it doesn't seem that the experts, even the good Dr. Fauci himself, are really sure just how long someone is immune after their first exposure. (There was even some misinformation at one time saying that one could not get the virus a second time.  That has since been disproven (click here.))

As a result of these rumors and uncertainty about the virus' long term effects, most of my Buzzy folks have not yet gotten the vaccine even though they are over the age of 65 and could do so if they wanted.   Given that my Buzzy friends got hit around the end of December that means they are supposedly immune to the virus and thus ok until the end of March (90 days.)  

To my knowledge, none of my 20 friends or so have yet to receive the vaccine.  If I try to encourage them to do so, they'll say something along the lines that they may think about it after their 90 days are up but they aren't in any hurry to get the vaccine.  Whenever I hear them tell me this, I feel like smacking them and saying  "What the hell is wrong with you?  You've already had the shit which means that you are susceptible to it.  So, why not go and get the f'ing shot!?"  (Ok, truth be told, I don't say anything like that to them; but it sure is the hell what I'm thinking.)

As of now, the timeframes for the shot vary, but overall it takes either 3 weeks (Pfizer) or 1 month (Moderna) to get the first and second shots.  The new Johnson and Johnson shot is a one time deal.     

As my Buzzy folks approach their 90th day ending of their supposed immunity, I am encouraging all of them to just get the vaccine and thereby know for sure that they are good to go.  For additional info from our St. Mary's County Health Department on how to sign up for the shot (click here.)  There was also this good article in today's Washington Post (click here.)

P.S.  If you are 65+ and have any trouble signing up for the vaccine, all you have to do is call 301-475-4200 x1049 and they will help you do so.  Under 65 call 240-523-3340.   

And another good thing about the shot, unlike Snoop's situation in the following video, it doesn't cost you anything!

Thank you Harry Wheatley for locating "Country Store" in that Enterprise front page I talked about yesterday.  It was part of the article about a fund raiser for the County Library.  Wonder if they sold any beer in that Country Store.

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