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Thursday, March 4, 2021

Buzzy Buzzy?

Seems like "Buzzy" being used as an adjective has become well, very Buzzy.  Just this morning as I stumbled my way thru my usual internet stops, i came upon three examples where Buzzy was used as an adjective:  

How Did Every Buzzy Film Become ‘The Movie We Need Right Now’? | HuffPost

Following that blurb, this next article, shows that the authors were unaware of Buzzy as a proper noun because they neglected to capitalize it when they used it.  (For more info on proper nouns as adjectives (click here.))
Twitter is Nuts For Marjorie Taylor Greene Tantric Sex Guru Story (mediaite.com)

And there was this Breitbart item on the latest hot app:
EXPLAINER: What is Clubhouse, the buzzy new audio chat app? - Breitbart

Using the "any publicity is good publicity" as my guide, I guess I am good with Buzzy being used as an adjective.  However, because these writers and editors fail to recognize Buzzy as a proper adjective i.e. since it is from a proper noun and should be capitalized, irks me a little.  How could they not know that Buzzy is a person and that the B should be in caps whenever they use it?  Guess I need to start a literary campaign to ensure that this Buzzy usage is corrected before it goes too much further.  

Note that I initially planned to somehow reference how Bill Buckner's misplaying that ground ball has resulted in the phrase "He Bucknered it."  However, I soon learned that Urban Dictionary has a totally different definition of a Buckner encounter (click here.)   Maybe instead of launching a literary campaign to make Buzzy a proper adjective, I should work on making it a sexual reference! 

You knew her from Laugh-In, but did you ever know that she could also sing?

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