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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Twofer Tuesday - Scotland Snow Scenes

Couple videos for you.  First up is one that I filmed at Buzzy's Country Store on Friday my birthday.  Cousin Clyde made sure I did not forget that my birthday was a BIG one:

Next up is a nice video John Carbone filmed while driving up the road from his Scotland Beach home.  The snowy conditions made for a very picturesque drive.

I tried to add a tune to John's video but couldn't figure out how to do so here on my new and improved PC.  (On my previous PC I knew how to do so, but haven't quite cracked the code with this new PC.  Next time maybe.)

But here for you is the tune that I was planning on dubbing into John's video.  Try playing the video and re-running John's simultaneously to see what I was aiming for.

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