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Thursday, February 11, 2021

Ron and the Cedar Point Lighthouse Brick

Cedar Point Lighthouse Historical Marker (hmdb.org)
My buddy Ron out in North Little Rock was a lighthouse lover and collector of things having to do with them.  Since I was planning to fly out to visit him I called to ask if he had a copy of the above print.   He informed that he had recently gotten a copy and had it hanging on his living room wall right next to his Buzzy's Mary Lou Troutman print.   "You'll see it when you get here" he told me.

Ron then surprised me when he said "You know what I'd really like to have though J. Scott, is a brick from the Cedar Point Lighthouse."  I laughed and said something to the effect "Damn,  Ron, why don't you ask me for something tough to get you?"  Ron laughed and said "Yeah, I was just pulling your chain." 

But guess what?  I was able to get Ron a brick from the old lighthouse out in the Bay.  While I distinctly remember toting the brick in my ditty bag when I went to Little Rock and then presented it to him, I can't recall how I got it or who retrieved it for me.  

Ron of course was happy to receive the brick but did joke with me "You didn't just grab an old brick from somewhere did you?"  I assured him  that the brick was indeed from the old Lighthouse location and that someone had retrieved it for me.  (Or at least they told me that they had done so.)

Cedar Point Light (Maryland) - Wikipedia

For the life of me though, I can't remember who retrieved and gave me the brick.  

Ron, whom I have mentioned a couple times previously here on the Buzzyblog, (click here) died of a heart attack in 2006.  I'm sure that his family simply tossed the Cedar Point brick when they cleaned out his things.  (Wonder however, what they did with the Mary Lou Buzzy print?)

I called and asked my brother-in-law Jerry Taylor and my friend Robert Willey, both of whom were sailing around the Bay a lot back then, if either of them recall ever getting me the brick.  They both told me that it would have been  tough for a sail boat to to have gotten in there and retrieve a brick from the site so it had to have been someone with a skiff.   I am still at a loss to recall who got me the brick.      

For more info on the Cedar Pt. Lighthouse (click here.)

Great song here by Lighthouse.  Find myself repeating these lyrics as I arise and greet the day.  Ain't it good to be alive?  

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