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Friday, February 12, 2021

My Birthday Pt. 1 Looking Back

Even though Satchel advised not to so, today, as I trip into my 70's, I am gonna look back 10 years ago when I hit the big 60.  

Initially, that Saturday before my birthday, I thought that Buzzy's would have a nice little Super Bowl party.  Here was my blog post invite.

However, turns out that the party was really a surprise one for me.  I remember seeing my Mom walk in and thinking "Wow, Mom came to my Super Bowl party."  However, when my former co-worker Emma and her husband Wayne Raley rolled in from Charlotte Hall, I really started wondering how had they found out about it and I began to think "What's up here?"  My next-day blog post describes how I eventually found out that it was my surprise party.  (To paraphrase the song "It's my party and I'll be surprised if I want to!:)

Going thru my photo's, I found these from that party evening.  Of course seeing the pics of Mom and John Wayne make me pause and sad to think of them no longer here to see me hit 70.  However, I'm glad that so many of my family and friends are still around to help me celebrate these milestone birthdays.  
Pam and Me Both now a Little Grayer But Still Smiling 

Green Bay Fan

Reagan and Beth


Mom Wondering How Her Boy Could Be 60

Emma and Wayne Win Prize For Coming the Farthest To Surprise Me

Bobby and JW Looking Up; Winkie Looking Down

Warren Rocking the Fritz Hat

Emma and Steph

Lily Not Sure Why Shawn Wants Emma's Sprite

John Wayne, Pat and Mike

Shawn Showing Me His Signature on My Birthday Card

Cheryl, Kim, Terri and Barbara

Cheryl and Kim

Herbie and Mike
Doesn't seem like it was 10 years ago but here I am today that much farther down the road.  What can I say other than - it's only rock and roll!

Answer to Wednesday's photo riddle - Charlie, Linda, Aileen, Regi and Ryan, Ernie and Eddie, Ned, Cotton and Edelen = CLARENCE.

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