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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Happy Ash Wednesday or Something

Mardi Gras is over.  So get your ash to church.

The whole Shrove Tuesday thing just sorta snuck up on and passed me by.  Seems early this year.  What's the old Yogism about how "it sure seems to get late early now?"  Well, perhaps the opposite of that is also true - it gets early early.

However, it did remind me of and send me back to a year ago when Buzzy's had a little Mardi Gras get together at the Store.  Gary Rue and his bandmates played some music for us, Mike and Gail Case made some gumbo, Nancy Barber brought all kinds of good things including beads, dolls and a Baby Jesus cake.  Several other folks brought lots of good things to eat and it made for a nice little party.  Ah, yes, life as we knew it a pre-covid world.  Little did I suspect back then that less than a month later, Buzzy's would be shut down for the next 3 months.

As for Lent this year, I have decided that I am giving up worrying.  Doesn't do any good anyway so why bother?  (Good article (here) adds a little more nuance and explanation to my Ridge-boy way of saying to hell with worrying about things.)

And because it is Ash Wednesday, a day of reflection and repenting, let's do a don't-worry-bout-worrying-Christian-jam:

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