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Friday, February 5, 2021

Followup - Jim Henson and the Muppets

In yesterday's post I ended up talking about Jim Henson and how he was honored at the 1990 Emmy Awards Show.  A couple things that I wasn't aware of about Jim is that he died in May of 1990 at the age of 53 from a bacterial infection. 

I think I was sorta aware that Jim was a U of M grad, and that he was the creator of the Muppets but that's about all I knew about him and his Muppets.  You see, back in the day, I really couldn't stand the Muppets in general and  Miss Piggy and Kermit most of all. My kids were into them mostly because of Sesame Street, but I always tuned them out.  On my rankings of media generated crapola, the Muppets were only about a half step above my all time most hated miscreants Charlie Brown and the rest of his Peanuts' idiots.   As for the worst and most annoying couples of all time, I got Miss Piggy and Kermit right down there with Rachel and Ross and Kim and Kanye.    

But to show you just how tuned out I was Muppet-wise, I never knew that it was Jim himself who actually voiced and performed as Kermit the Frog.  (Joke insertion - What did Kermit say at Jim Henson's funeral?  Answer - nothing.  He was speechless.) 

Another Muppet factoid that I was completely unaware of is that through the course of their long term relationship Miss Piggy and Kermit eventually got married and then got divorced.  (Lots of dirty jokes out there about why they got divorced having to do with Kermit not eating pork and/or Miss Piggy having a frog in her throat.  You can google that if you like.  Like they say about the internet, porn is only 2 clicks away. )

Music-wise the following tune was nominated for an Academy Award in 1979 after appearing in the The Muppet Movie.  I got to confess however, that given my ]overall avoidance of anything Muppet-related, this marked the very first time that I ever listened to this tune all the way through.  Given my disregard for anything Muppet-related, the only thing I could think of worse than having to watch them was having to listen to one of them try and sing.  

But I guess Father Time has sanded off some of my rough edges and some of my more cynical takes on life, because now when I listen to the song, I find myself not minding it so much anymore.  Sucks to get old doesn't it? 

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