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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Thank You Vilma!

See If You Can Pick Out the Ridge Boy

Vilma (second from left above) and her family and friends have been in Buzzy's Country Store several times and I am always glad to see her.  (Of course I am always glad to see folks who think Buzzy's is a great place to bring their family and friends!)

I am also Facebook friends with Vilma and when I saw her post the other day saying that she needed prayers it immediately caught my attention because usually what follows those kind of lead off statements is not too good.  However, read what Vilma wrote after saying that she needed prayers.

I particularly like Vilma's take that the U.S. is the only country that makes all of your dreams come true.  That's pretty high praise coming from someone who has lived all over the world wouldn't you say?  

As for Vilma feeling sad about how polarized we all are, I share that sadness too.  Rodney King comes to my mind "Can't we all just get along?"  Life is way too short to spend what time we have left here fussing and fighting about silly things that simply do not matter.  

So thank you Vilma for your call to pray for our America.  However, my bottom line is that I think America is gonna do ok; but many of its people are in need a lot of praying for.      

But hey Vilma, I'm reopening in a couple weeks.  Drinks are on me, so stop in.

No music today.  Instead, I want to play for you probably the best summary of what America is, was and could be again if we all just worked together a little bit:

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