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Saturday, January 9, 2021

Football Weekend (Five Guys)

In my recap of upcoming events yesterday, I did not mention this Sons of the American Legion take-out dinner in downtown Ridge this evening. 

There is also some football going down today and tomorrow as the NFL's Wild Card Playoff Weekend features 6 games.  This is the first year of the expanded playoffs where a 7th team was added to each conference.  Instead of giving the top 2 teams a bye, only one gets the bye and the other plays the 7th seeded team. 

Here's an interesting note (at least it is to an old fart like me) of the 12 quarterbacks playing this weekend, four of the five oldest ones in the NFL will be starting.  (Green Bay and Aaron Rogers have a bye this weekend.)  It's the B's and the R's as in Brady, Brees, Rivers, Rogers and Roethlisberger who are all 37 or older.  (WFT's Alec Smith is "only" 36.)   

Ten rings, 107 playoff starts, one stage - Which 'old guy' QB has best shot at Super Bowl? (espn.com)

Usually I would have these games on T-V at Buzzy's Country Store, but this year I'm still Covid closed.  (It's another thing that I miss about not being open.  In the regular season having 2 T-V's also makes it fun to catch both games.  Oh well.)  

For our local teams, I got my fingers crossed, but I am not too confident for either of them.  For some reason, the Titans just seem to have the Ravens' number and  the WFT, despite playing at home, have to play Tommy the GOAT.  Rookie that he is, Chase Young has said that he wants Tom Brady (click here.)  Hey Chase, haven't you ever heard that even if the bear is old and past his prime, you shouldn't try poking him because he can still tear you up.  Then again, Tommy doesn't do too well when he gets knocked around some so we'll see if Chase can get his wish and nail him a couple times.  Might be fun to watch.  

So here's your Saturday then, go to the Legion, get your pork chop dinner and then come home and settle in to watch the game.

As for my predictions for the 6 games this weekend, I'll take the 4 old guys (Ben, Brees, Brady and Rivers) above along with Seattle over the Rams.  In the 6th game, although I'll be rooting for the Ravens,  my fear is that Lamar and the boys will come up just a little short again.  There is usually an upset in the Wild Card round and this year I find myself hoping that it's WFT who pull off the upset, but fearing that, like last year, it will be the Ravens who get upset.  We'll just have to see.  Let the games begin.  

In honor the 5 old guys check this out:

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