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Thursday, December 10, 2020

It's Beginning to Look a Lot........

The stores have had Christmas stuff on display since July it seems.  Sirius radio started playing their Christmas music back in October (click here.)  And many folks put out their yard and house  decorations early this year like they were trying to jump start the holiday season.  I think the general consensus is that 2020 has been such a lousy Covid kinda year, that everyone is ready to have a holly jolly ole Christmas.   Thus, the early moves to usher in the "most wonderful time of the year."  

As for Buzzy's Country Store I decorated it like I usually do the weekend after Thanksgiving.  However, I don't really consider the season officially underway until I receive the first Christmas card.  

This year I got two cards within a couple days of each other.  The very first Christmas card to Buzzy's came last week in the mail from Guy Distributing.  (See?  The USPS is not completely hopeless.  My previous rant post not withstanding!)  Guy's card was addressed to Buzzy's Country Store and I'm sure that they sent it out to all of their many business customers.  Still, I appreciated receiving it and thank them for their thoughtfulness.

Kim Wiley then provided Buzzy's just yesterday with the first signed card as follows:

Photos by Jennifer Odell

As for Buzzy's unofficial  Christmas card I'm thinking of something musically-related  like this:

And here for you is just maybe my most puzzling Christmas song.  I say puzzling because honestly, I can't say for certain if I like it or if I think that it's one of the dumbest and most God-awful songs going.  Elvis' whole "I, I, I'll have a blue Christmas" intro drives me crazy; but still I find myself humming it and liking it even if I can't stand it.  I guess, in a weird sorta way, it represents the perfect song for the season because it perfectly sums up my overall feelings about the Christmas season - I simultaneously hate and love it.  Here's the story as to how Martina pulled off this duet with the King (click here.)

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Unknown said...

Thanks J Scott! Good to see that video. Thanks for the good words about Mom. I'm sure she and Buzzy are having that Black Velvet! Love and miss all you guys. Hopefully I'll see you again soon.