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Wednesday, December 9, 2020


Well it only took me a couple weeks or so to find it, but here is a short video of Berta in Buzzy's Country Store back in 2008 timeframe.  

Although Berta refused to talk in the video, she did give off a nice little smile or two and in her own way seemed to be enjoying herself even if the camera did make her feel a bit uncomfortable.  This was one of the very first videos that I ever attempted on the Flip Device that Chief Larry bought for me.  Most of the conversation then is about the camera and not Berta.  In retrospect wish I had talked more to and about Berta versus the camera and its capabilities.

I am grateful that somewhere along the line, Capt. Jimmy Cullison took over for me and allowed me to pose next to Berta.  I'll give Jimmy credit for doing a pretty good job with the camera as he focuses on Berta and catches her tossing Bruno a treat (00:50 mark.)  Jimmy then gave the camera back to me and in retrospect I should have let him continue filming because Carol Norris then smacked me when I tried to film her.   I don't get any respect from these women you know?

You can also tell from Larry's and my conversation at the very end of this that I didn't know how to turn the camera off either.  However, the video does end appropriately enough showing Berta sitting there peacefully in Buzzy's having a drink.  

Nice to think that Buzzy and Berta are somewhere now reminiscing about old times and sipping a Black Velvet or two or three as the case may be.

Here is the video.  Note that that is my former tenant Brian Higby making a cameo appearance at the very beginning of the video.  May he and Berta rest in peace.

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