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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Twofer Tuesday - Southern Nights

Bought my first CD in a long time the other day.  Actually Pam procured it thru the internet for me, but I reimbursed her accordingly.  Still haven't mastered that buy-crap-off-the-internet-deal yet but have it on my to-do list.  (Note though - long as Pam will do it for me, it's way down on my list.)

How I came to buy this CD stemmed from my posting Conway Twitty's and Sam Moore's Rainy Night in Georgia a few weeks back here on the Buzzyblog.  I liked that version so much that I tracked down where it was recorded and found that it was included in a 1994 CD Rhythm and Country and Blues.  It features pairings of artists such as Tanya Tucker and Little Richard covering some classic tunes.  Another good one is Al Green and Lyle Lovett covering Willie's Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away.

So I get the CD and find that having listened to it several times now, the one song on it that I can't stop humming and thinking about is one that Glen Campbell made famous - Southern Nights.  The story goes that upon hearing the song, Glen immediately liked it because it reminded him of his childhood days growing up in Arkansas.  I can relate to that too because whenever I hear this song it makes me think of my brother Stevie and me outside at night at the Store running around, playing, chasing fireflies and just having fun until Mom would call us in. 

Here's Glenn's take:


On the duets' CD though, the song's author Allen Toussaint performs it with Mr. Guitar himself Chet Atkins.  While Glen may have had the big hit with the tune, he didn't have Chet.  Listen for yourself and see what you think.

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