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Thursday, October 1, 2020

Buzzy October Birthdays (Subtitle - What the Hell Is a Penumbra?)


Lots of October birthdays in the Buzzy family this month including his on 11 October were he still with us standing behind the counter at the Store and saying "Shutup and pay me."  (Quick political aside here - the two most cited words I heard yesterday describing Tuesday night's not-so-Presidential-debate were Shitshow and Shutup.  That sorta says it all doesn't it?)  

We start off October with a trio of birthdays today including my sister Lila Hofmeister's, Connie Lepper's and David Jarrell's.  (I don't ever mention any woman's age on her birthday, even when they are celebrating a "milestone" one with a 0 or a 5 in them.  However, David doesn't mind letting everyone know that he will be celebrating turning 80 today by hosting a little get together later this afternoon at the Store.  Drop in and wish him Happy B'day.)   

On October 2nd, Kim Wiley celebrates her day.  (And just in case you didn't click on the photo's caption above, that great fall photo I have included here is one that she took in 2010 in Drayden;) Rita Cole celebrates on the 7th; Charlie Simms turns 94 on the 8th;  Mark Dominiak's is on the 8th; Doug Byrne celebrates on the 9th, Robby Norris 12th, Chief Larry and Janet Whitt 15th, Joey Porter 17th, Bev Hall 18th, Pam Koon 22nd, Puggie Pulliam 24th, Connie Lynch 25th, David Norris 28thWinky the 29th, Ned Pratt and Bruce Price on the 31st.  

Today in the United Kingdom they celebrate their National Poetry Day (click here.)  In 2016 Prince Charles made some news when he read a very famous poem by Seamus Heaney titled  The Shipping Forecast (click here.)  As poems go, it doesn't do much for me, but then again I like my poetry where I can understand just what the hell they are talking about!  To hear Charles reading The Shipping Forecast (click here and see if you can decipher it.)

But I do have another NPD poem here for you that I got a little more out of and enjoyed much more when compared to The Shipping Forecast.  At least I knew what he was trying to say.


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