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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

West Point Quarters

With the majority of Buzzy's individual beer prices set at either $2.25 or $2.50,  I go thru approximately $40-$50 in quarters giving change each week.  My Monday banking duties always involve picking up several rolls of quarters to get me thru each week.

But while the quarter is my most handled money item in and out of the Buzzy cash register, I never gave it much thought until recently following a conversation with my coin collecting friend Nancy.  It was Nancy who told me to keep an eye out for any quarter minted in West Point.  The  mint mark is below the In God We Trust inscription on quarters and indicates where the coin was made.  In addition to West Point, quarters are minted in Philadelphia (P), San Francisco (S) or Denver (D.)  

Based on the couple of weeks that I have paid any attention to this, I have not stumbled upon any W quarters yet.  However, I'm going to keep looking.  (For more info on why W quarters are so rare (click here.))

Not too many songs with "Quarter" in the title, but here is a great one that does:

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