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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Twofer Tuesday - Trucks and Cokes

Two trucks and one dirty dog.
48 or 49 Ford and Buzzy's 53 Chevy.  Bruno #5

I thought that this was LP's Ford truck.  However, when I contacted LP to ask him about it, he informed that it was not his truck, that his is a 51 and this one is either a 48 or 49 Ford.  For comparison purposes here is a photo of LP's truck from one of the Buzzy car shows:
Another twofer in the two truck photo above involves the two Coke logo's on Buzzy's porch sign. Note that when I had the sign redone in 2008, I opted to replace one of the Coke logo's with a photo of a very young Bruno #8 who has since passed.
However, when I look at the Mary Lou Troutman painting of the Store, I see where she shows the circular Coke logos which I think I prefer to the square ones.  I may have to think about re-incorporating them too.  So many decisions to make!
Note too how Wally the Walnut Tree is standing tall and looking pretty good here as drawn by Mary Lou.  Regarding his fate (previous post,) the consensus from those of you whom I have heard from seems to be to take him out.  However, I still can't do it.  I grew up with that big fella and he's been a good friend to me.  (On the other hand, it was his relative around back of the Store who produced the walnut for me to trip on and break my hip.  Him I'm definitely getting rid of;  Wally will stay for now.

And speaking of making decisions and who owns which truck, check out how that twofer didn't work out for Rhett:

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