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Sunday, September 6, 2020

Quade's Store

I heard a financial reporter on the radio state the other day that being in the bar/restaurant business right now is sorta like when you got your orders for Viet Nam and they told you "Take a good look at the fella to your left and the one on your right because out of the 3 of you, the odds are one of you will not be coming back."  He went on to say that in the coming months we will see an estimated 40% of all bars and restaurants currently trying to stay afloat will be out of business.

I thought of that interview when I saw the following FB notice about Quade's Store closing. (To read some nice comments folks made following the post (click here.)

It should go without saying that we all need to support our local businesses as much as we can right now.  The chain restaurants and big boy liquor businesses are all going to survive this; but small businesses simply can not do so given what we are dealing with.  Here's hoping that the Quades can ride this out, regroup and make a comeback.   

This song came to mind:


I've done a couple of previous Buzzyblog posts on Quade's Store including one in 2010 when Mrs. Quade was recognized for her 75 years of being in business (click here and then there is a link to the 2010 post.)

As for helping support local restaurants, St. Mary's County currently has a BOOST program where you can purchase a $25 gift card that is worth $50 to use at one of the participating restaurants (click here for more info.)   This is a good deal for you and the restaurants so try and take advantage of it.

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