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Friday, September 11, 2020

Plywood Times 3

This past Wednesday was a plywood-kinda-day for me in that I encountered three different situations where plywood was boarded over windows and a door for 3 very different reasons.  As you will see, these reasons read like a Clint Eastwood movie - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.  I'll start off with telling you about The Bad one.

The 4 August Hurricane Isaias launched a tornado in my neighborhood that caused shingles from my neighbor's roof to damage 4 of my windows one of which was broken out.  To keep additional rain from coming into my living room, I installed a patchwork of plywood pieces over the outside.  Here's a photo I took at the time of the window from the inside of my house.  I did not get a photo of my boarded up window on the outside, but trust me when I say that it did not look any better nor neater than my handiwork here on the inside.

Mike Raley from 84 Lumber visited us shortly afterwards and ordered us replacement windows for the damaged ones.  He told us that the replacements wouldn't be in until the week of 8 September.  As it turned out he was 100% correct in that he called us this past Monday to inform us that the windows were in.  Brady picked them up Tuesday afternoon for me and first thing Wednesday morning I set about replacing the damaged ones. 

Following my window repair efforts, I headed out and visited the Bank of America in downtown Lexington Park.  As I pulled in to park, I noticed that its front window was boarded up as follows:  
Dude in ATM Line Wondering Why I'm Taking His Picture
I had not been to this BoA branch in a couple of weeks so I asked my Bank Guard friend Armando what had happened.  He informed me that a shooting across the street from the bank a few weeks ago had sent a bullet through the window which has been boarded up since then.  Leaving the Bank, I made another vow to myself to continue trying to avoid going to this Lexington Park BoA Branch whenever I can do so.  This then was my Ugly plywood encounter.

From  there I made my way down the road to Buzzy's Country Store.  As I passed the St. Mary's Chapel just above the Store though I noticed the following and wondered what had happened there:
Later on in the Store my friend Pat Adams commented on the plywood and informed me that he had removed the front doors to take them to his house and renovate them.  When I asked him how and why he had been tasked to do all this he noted that following his wife Michelle's passing in 1989, the doors which were made by Sonny Melvin, had been installed on the Church in her memory.  Pat then told the Church folks that he would take care of maintaining the doors as needed.  Here is a photo I found on the Church's website showing how nice the doors look. 
As for the plywood, Pat noted that with the rain forecasted for the next couple of days, he thought it best to remove the doors and take them to his house to work on them.  Hence the plywood and hence my third plywood encounter of the day - The Good one thanks to Pat's efforts.   Calls for  a good song right?

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