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Sunday, September 13, 2020

Floyd Country Store

I have previously mentioned Floyd's Country Store in Virginia (click here.)  Thus, I was a little sadden to see this 28 August 2020 story:


As I mentioned the other day in my post on Quades Store closing, our local businesses need our support now more than ever.  And I'm not just saying this because I happen to own such a business.  Buzzy's will survive this for a number of reasons foremost of which is the loyal support and patronage from all of you.   

However, other local businesses and in particular local restaurants are in dire need of your support.  A lot of the Covid-related Government aid that was available to local businesses is now drying up and things are about to get even tighter for the bar and restaurant industry.  (I'm still not too wild about being referred to as "the hospitality industry" because it makes us sound a little too much like hookers.  But on second thought, I guess that we do provide entertainment and fun in exchange for money so to quote our Leader "it is what it is.")  

Regardless, we need to be supporting our local businesses as much as we can during this time.  Again I call your attention to County's BOOST program (click here.

Nice video here featuring Floyd's:

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