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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Yacht Rocking (Thanks to Me)

It was a Monday night and Pam had just left for a meeting somewhere leaving me home alone. I had just poured a glass of 19 Crimes Hard Chard and was preparing to watch the first episode of The Last Dance when I looked down to the river and saw this yacht hanging around off of my pier.
Note Storm Approaching in Background
Docked for Repairs

When the yacht didn't leave and it started raining, I grabbed an umbrella and headed down to see what was up.  Turns out that it was a father son crew and that their alternator had crapped out on them.  They were travelling from Alexandria around Point Lookout and up to Baltimore but now had to repair/replace their alternator.  They asked if they could tie up at my pier which I agreed to let them do.  I even let them use my shore power so they could have some light and do what they needed to do to work on the alternator.  

As for their plans, the Dad said that he had called his wife and that she was driving down from Baltimore and that they would figure things out from there.  I wished him well and headed back to the house not really sure how all this was going to play out but thinking overall - sure am glad that this is not my problem.  That sentiment would soon prove to be short lived however.

An hour or so later, the Dad texted me.  (We had exchanged phone numbers so that he could give me a heads up when his wife would be arriving at my place later on and I could escort her down to my pier.  Please note - I never thought that I would ever be escorting someone else's wife down to my pier late at night, no matter the circumstances.  But you do what you got to do I guess.)  This was the text he sent me around 9 o'clock:

I paused Michael Jordan and headed out to my workshop to look for a fuse but could not find one.  After I advised him of this, he and his son came up to my house to ask how far California was from where we were because they were going to walk there to the Walmart to get the fuse.  When I asked where his wife was en route from B'more he informed me that he had re-called and told her that she didn't have to come down after all because they could fix the problem.  

I told them that it was 15 or so miles to Walmart and that they would have a tough time finding it.  After some to and fro, I reluctantly agreed to drive them there.  Lucky for them we went when we did because Walmart now closes at 10 p.m..  While they were inside shopping for the fuse and some other things that they needed, I recorded the following:

Long story short, they got what they needed and we returned back home.  I bid them good night,  good luck and went to bed.  We exchanged the following texts

Not sure if he really meant that "blessed" as in the past tense but I get the drift either way that he was appreciative of my efforts on his behalf.  All in all it made for an "interesting" Monday night.  I still have The Last Dance to watch however.

I had never heard of Yacht Rock as a musical genre until Sirius XM introduced a channel featuring it.  They advertise the channel as playing smooth rock tunes that don't rock the boat - get it?    


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