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Monday, August 31, 2020

This and That


I had thought initially that on this, the last day of the month, I would do a look-back and discuss what a crazy August this has been.  Seems that everything this month from weather to riots to politics to local matters were all in some kind of a crazy swirl.  Throw in the virus business on top of everything else and it all added up to one big you-know-what-kind-of-cluster.     But hey, we survived it and as you know, it's only rock n roll, right?

Instead of looking back then, how about I'll just do a dump of some things that I had stashed on my desktop for possible use in the future?  As George famously said - the future is now.  

And yes, I was thinking about doing a post on how cool a saying and approach to life that is. I started pulling some things together on it but ultimately did not follow thru proving that just maybe, sometimes the future really is tomorrow.

Then I was thinking about doing something on how St. Mary's is such a small county but yet we sure seem to have a lot of zip codes (see below.)  However, to pursue this required me doing some research where I would compare sizes of counties and then try to bounce their populations off that number to see just where St. Mary's landed in those rankings.  It quickly became more work than I was up for, so I Buzzyed it.  

"Buzzyed it" is my new way of saying "to hell with it."  And along those lines, I was toying with a post of how cool it would be to come up with a literary reference or phrase as great as Catch-22 and how that has become such a catch phrase all its own.  I was inspired along those lines by this recent letter to the editor I spotted in the Washington Post:

And here is St. Mary's ZIP code chart:

Then, just because I hadn't done anything on our boy in awhile, I thought to do something about Trump's biggest lies. (This was on the heels of my "Mexico-will-pay-for-the-wall" note from the other day.) 

However, that too got to be tough to do.  For instance, when you Google "Trump's biggest lies" you get over 76 million hits.  It reminded me of when Mike Raley and I went to see Huey Lewis perform at Wolf Trap a few years back.  (Remember how we used to go to music concerts?)  Towards the end of the show, someone yelled out that Huey hadn't played a certain song.  Huey apologized to the guy by saying "So many hits, so little time."  Our boy - so many lies in so little time.

And then I was about to comment on how the Trumpster is helping to improve the USPS by leading off with this:

But I received the following  from my friend Larry Yeatman and as they say, a picture really is worth a thousand words.
But I don't want to leave you on such a shitty note.  I had nicked this ticket stub photo from Massey's You Know You're From St. Mary's FB page.  My original plan was to do a post about the concert around or the 27th of this past July but for some reason never did so.  
And speaking of how to deal with living in some crazy times, here is a nice little tune and video my son Brady sent my way the other day:

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